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The recent circulation of such sensitive photos without her or our knowledge or consent is in blatant violation of her privacy, and her right to dignity.

  • Ellen Adarna 15 pics Ellen Adarna is a Filipino actress and model who got her start as an internet celebrity.

  • However, the next line states the following: The images we did use … were treated to make sure any sensitive areas were artfully covered or obscured — Esquire Philippines If we are to analyze this statement, it appears that the shoot was done with Ellen Adarna nude, and the photos were covered up later using post processing techniques.

Nagyon ay tinitingalaan siya ng maraning kalalakihan dahil sa angkin niyang ganda at kalog sa harap at likod ng camera.

  • Here is the full statement from Esquire Philippines Esquire Philippines and Summit Media condemn the unauthorized distribution of photographs of Ellen Adarna that were originally taken from a shoot the magazine had staged for its April 2014 edition.

  • Ina Feleo, meanwhile, said she wanted to be a mom too so she could achieve the same.

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