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The snapshot shows Berry's backside as she poses in a garden wearing a very revealing top by Nez York City designer Inez Bonilla.

  • Halle Berry is the hottest ever black actress in Hollywood.

  • The sisters told in 2017 that their workouts start first thing in the morning.

Are you guys ready to see this delicious ebony movie actress totally naked and exposed!? Just walking around to each destination instead of getting a car, is an easy, fun, and healthy way to stay fit.

  • From backstage to onstage, Chloe and Hailey looked incredibly fit—but luckily, they've already spilled their fitness secrets: Rich Fury Getty Images So, just how do Chloe and Halle stay in such great shape? We wore out our laserdiscs yes, way back then just playing it back and forth.

  • We like to have fun! And dinner might be veggie balls with spinach and brown rice.

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