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The critical factors in effective care delivery models are discussed, as well as the need for communication models and systems that can provide the accurate and timely transfer of patient information throughout the healthcare continuum.

  • This systems change has made it possible to treat admitted patients more expeditiously, which is both better for patients and their families and consistent with demands insurers are placing on hospitals.

  • Apart from offering much-needed basic descriptions especially in developing countries , these studies can test specific indicators of the dimensions of quality and can compare the measurement approaches discussed earlier.

This issue is not just of importance for historical estimates, but it is also of central relevance for poverty measurement today, given the importance that food produced at home, or otherwise received in-kind, continues to play in the incomes of the rural poor, especially in low-income countries.

  • More people have chronic disease, more have multiple chronic diseases, and the treatments and technologies available have increased.

  • Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law: American and European Strategies.