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Nonetheless, the tennis professional announced the decision to pose for the magazine after playing in the 2008 French Open and admitted in an interview that her decision to pose for Playboy was based on the inspiration of fellow athlete, Amanda Beard, who had also posed for Playboy before.

  • However, she always liked to pretend she was just playing a role and never saw herself as the pretty girl.

  • The crowd started to chant Rachel's name.

She finished on top of the rankings in both 2010 and 2011.

  • Despite appearing in several of her own workout series and having a body that most women envied more than anything, Kiana Tom was initially hesitant to appear in the Playboy issue, supposedly because she did not feel as if her body was one-hundred percent ready.

  • In her first appearance on the Playboy cover in 2003, Wilson posed alone and showed off her feminine curves.