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“I Had the First Orgasm”: Monica Lewinsky & the Politics of Heterosexuality in the 1990s

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It runs nearly four minutes and features Lewinsky asking President Clinton to speak with his secretary to orchestrate an off-the-books meeting.

  • On phone sex: We talked about everything under the sun.

  • She compared the affair to her own marriage, saying Clinton is more to blame than Lewinsky as he had made vows to his wife, Hillary Clinton.

The value of mutual desire to a well-functioning heterosexuality was a fixture of American sexual ideology since early in the twentieth century.

  • Lewinsky told a very different story about what happened between her and Clinton, describing in great detail a mutually satisfying and increasingly intimate heterosexuality, in which female and male pleasure could not be separated.

  • The anthology series will feature 10 episodes, with the finale reportedly ending on November 9.